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The unwavering truth about mould and mould damage is that the damage it causes nor the mould itself is not always visible. As mould can grow on paper and wood found in the walls of most structures built in North America, it can be found behind structural walls that are not visible to most people. The damage that mould can cause is not only detrimental to your building, it is a serious health hazard to you and anybody who resides inside your building. As mould spores multiply and weaken your building’s structural integrity, the spores themselves become airborne and can cause serious respiratory issues for individuals if inhaled. In the case of those who already suffer respiratory issues, spores can be lethal.

Mould is an organism; the damage caused is different than elemental damage from storms, water or fire. Mould has the tendency to grow back if not removed thoroughly. If colonies of mould are left after being cleaned, no matter how small, it can grow back with the same effect , so it is important that mould removal and remediation is done by a trained specialist from First General.

Mould can be a very dangerous substance found in the workplace or your home. Structural mould must be taken care of before spores have the opportunity to become airborne and turn into a respiratory risk. Whether mould is the result of a disaster or an occurrence after years of moisture, it can be classified as a disaster in on itself due to its dangerous nature. Between the training accumulated by the specialists at First General, we have over a century’s worth of training and experience in mould remediation and detection.