fire restoration

Fire Restoration

fire and smoke damage restoration
fire and smoke damage restoration in the kitchen

When a fire renders your home or business damaged from burns and smoke, First General is your best choice for complete fire restoration needs. Fire causes more types of damage than one may expect. Not only is there direct damage from the fire itself, but massive damage can also be caused to your property by smoke, debris that is thrown about through embers, fire draft and even the methods of putting out a fire such as fire hoses and fire retardant foams. First General has trained experts in fire damage repair. We will seal all openings to prevent any further damage, clean debris from your property to ensure that any damage caused by these elements can be repaired properly and remove smoke residue to rid your property of lingering smoke odours. Fire damage also has the tendency to create chaos with the inner workings of your property. Items, personal effects and furnishings can be catalogued and with the trained hand that First General’s specialists can offer you, this can be done expertly and quickly.

Fire can be an extremely disturbing force in your life, and you don’t need to worry about the details of cleaning up after such a disaster while you try to bring order and routine back to your life. First General will be there for you as you bring your business or home back from a fire so that you don’t have to concern yourself with the details. If you’re facing clean up after fire and smoke damage, First General will be there quickly and promptly after a call to give you the order you need after the chaos of a disaster.