Bio-Hazardous material removal

Bio-Hazardous Material Removal Service

Bio-hazard material removal

Accidents happen and can result in physical trauma to individuals. The consequential hazard left behind by these accidents can be just as dangerous as the cause of those accidents themselves. Germs, bacteria and viruses can have extended half-lives if incubated in bloodborne pathogens such as blood, urine, saliva and fecal matter. These pathogens can cause injury, illness and disease; removal of bloodborne pathogens becomes imperative for any home or business looking to keep a healthy and clean environment.

First General also understands the importance of sealing off affected areas and keeping your business or home safe while we clean these pathogens. Our specialists will clean bio-hazardous materials from your property with expediency, knowing how important it is to you to keep your property safe.

Without proper training or equipment, the removal of bloodborne pathogens can be extremely dangerous. First General’s specialists have the expertise and technology to clean up disease causing substances and will do so professionally and quickly. We will clean all affected areas thoroughly to safeguard against any risk of illness or infection of people who may inhabit or come in contact with the site.